Germana La Sorsa​


GERMANA LA SORSA was born in Taranto (Italy) on February 20, 1987. She began her artistic training at the age of 10, attending piano lessons, first classical and then jazz. Soon she realizes that the instrument that allows her to express her art is the voice. For this reason, she undertook the study of singing, with specialization in jazz music, with some of the most famous Italian jazz singers and she improved her improvisation technique by attending various workshops and masterclasses held by important artists such as Bob Stoloff, Michelle Hendricks and Anita Wardell. She is soon engaged in several concerts, contests, shows (jazz, soul, pop music) and sound recordings, both as soloist and band leader and as chorister.

In October 2016 she graduated at the Conservatory of Music "Niccolò Piccinni", (Bari - Italy), getting a Master degree in Jazz Music (singing, Second Level Experimental Academic), under the guidance of another of the most famous Italian jazz singers and singings teacher: M ° Giovanna Montecalvo. She currently continues her musical career in London, both as a singer and as a singing teacher.

"I have already had the opportunity to use my skills both in practice settings as singer, singing teacher, vocal coach and teaching assistant, and on different fronts in organizational context.  I teach to students of all ages and levels who have always been satisfied of the accomplished results. As singing teacher, I love to make my students concious of what they are able to achieve and their potential so I model my lessons on the student I interface with, creating a musical education course for them, taking into account their