George Karangioules
Guitar, Sound, Composition

Guitarist George Karangioules(born in Greece, Athens) received a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz performance from Middlesex University London (2010-2012) and a Masters Degree from SAE Institute, Austria (2013). In addition to that he has studied sound design and composition for films and video games and has taken part in many video games for the PC and consoles.


George Karagioules has more than 10 years of experience as a teacher and session guitarist and is proficient in jazz, blues, rock and metal guitar. As a musician, he is an active recording guitarist as well as composer for the various media.

After finishing his studies, George joined the army as a musician but quite soon realized that he wanted to pursuit his passion for music and media in London where he moved in 2015. He now teaches guitar and works as a sound designer and composer for various companies and independent studios. George loves working with disciplined and enthusiastic students who are committed and are aiming for excellence in technique and improvisation. He equally enjoys teaching people who are relaxed about learning and who want to play for their own pleasure. Age and level don't matter as everybody is welcome to learn with George from beginners to really advanced players. 


George currently teaches:


Electric, acoustic and classical guitar

Music technology

Sound design

Audio engineering

Composition and sequencing